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Litigation &Arbitration

Our firm possesses a commanding success record in litigation and recruits the most talented litigators to handle civil, commercial and criminal matters before the Lebanese Courts. We handle all aspects of corporate claims whether commercial, financial or criminal and carry out execution proceedings and settlements on our clients’ behalf. We are also involved in the recouping of multimillion dollar claims for international clients, mainly banks, regarding assets or defendants doing business in Lebanon. Over the years, we have acquired the expertise to navigate around all of the branches of Lebanese judicial system for the purposes of ensuring our clients’ satisfaction in the resolution of their various conflicts.

          In addition, our team has been successful in achieving results in a wide range of controversy work – international and domestic, through arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Our arbitration attorneys regularly handle complex commercial arbitration cases. We apply our deep experience to handling matters in certain key industries, including contracts, construction and government contracts. Our lawyers have extensive case-handling experience, and can draw on broad subject matter knowledge throughout the firm as necessary to support your positions.